Sewing Daisies - Charmed seat covers


What do you do with a part-done project?



You know…

the one that seemed like a good idea

6 months ago?



I guess you could

 sit on it some more, finish it,




something else.


I went with the last option.





Sewing Daisies - Charmed seat covers






What was supposed to be

a light, bright, & airy quilt has now been transformed into


  four fresh seat covers!


Sneaky eh?

I thought so too.







  Sewing Daisies - Charmed seat covers






Charmed seat covers

completed equals


1 x outstanding 2011 sewing project -  done!

1 x DIY project  – added to my 2012 project list.






As it turns out,

it's the chairs that need a make-over,

not the seat covers.




I wonder if I can spray paint them?




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  1. They are cute covers and depending on what the chairs are made of you may be able to spay paint them, finding the right spot to do it I find is the challenge.

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