#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts




 Tutorial: Martha’s Crayon Hearts

(Martha Stewart)

A lovely project for children

of all ages!


  • Wax crayons – any cheap ones will do
  • Wax paper – I used Coles own brand ‘Waxed Lunch Wrap’
  • Pencil sharpener or scalpel/printing chisel
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Needle
  • Thick card – to place under wax paper during ironing
  • Thick paper
  • Cereal box card – for heart templates
  • Thread – Embroidery floss, crochet yarn or ribbon will do.
  • Coat hanger or branch – to hang your hearts on 

Click here for Heart Template




#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts




a. Print out a copy of your heart templates


b. Glue onto cereal box card


c. Cut out Heart templates






#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts






Step 1:


a. Cut an 80cm length sheet of waxed lunch paper.


b. Fold in half, waxed sides facing & lenghtwise.


c. Open sheet of waxed paper to expose the waxed sides.


#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts

#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts


Step 2:

Using a pencil sharpener or craft scalpel;


a. Cover one side of the waxed paper with crayon shavings.

(evenly spread, not too thick)

b. Fold the top half of the paper over the shavings.


 c. Seal the 3 open sides of paper with a single fold.

 (1 inch fold ensures the wax wont spill out)


N.B I used 3 crayons per 40cm sheet, 3 sheets per heart size






#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts





 Step 3:


a. Set your iron to a low setting.


b. Place a sheet of thick card onto your ironing board.


c. Position your wax paper on top of your thick card,


d. Cover them with some thick paper.

N.B Thick paper helps to absorb excess wax during ironing.

#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts

Step 5:


a. Heat up your wax paper with gentle pressue.


b. Check wax every 20 secs or less for even coverage.


N.B To get even coverage, simply iron patches of thicker wax

out to the edges.



 Step 6:

Leave to cool.





#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts






Step 7:


a. Trace out your hearts onto the wax paper,


b. Cut your hearts out gently.





#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts





 Step 8:


a. Cut various lenghts of yarn/ribbon.


b. Sew through the top of the hearts,


c. Secure with a small knot

N.B I used crochet 3 ply yarn for my hearts.






#3M: Martha's Crayon Hearts





Step 9:


a. Arrange hearts according to your taste.

N.B The easist way to hang the hearts is to start with the largest first,

work you way down in size with equal distance between them.




Step 10:

Hang & admire!



Click here for

 Martha Stewarts Crayon Hearts