Coffee Break Mat


Coffee Break Mat is this week’s craftling.

It’s the first crochet project

I have made a for a long time. I think.

It’s certainly the first for 2012.

I think.


Coffee Break Mat


 You have just had a coffee haven’t you?

I have!

How did you know – do I need to eat a mint?!

(where’s my tic tacs?)


Coffee Break Mat


Probably, but the big clue is your wired mumblings.

wired + mumblings = wumblings


My point exactly.


Coffee Break Mat

So your first crochet project for 2012 is a coffee mat.

It is!

I found the pattern in a Japanese crochet book.

I love it!

Coffee clue no 2 =

The overuse of exclamation marks in your post.



 Coffee Break Mat

It’s got a lovely retro feel, your mat.

It has, hasn’t it. 

It’s also very easy to make.

You know, I really enjoyed Ryan Reynold’s new film  

Safe House

My abs were almost as tight as his at the end of it.


Coffee Break Mat

Will you be making more of these mats?

Probably, I have seen similar patterns I like.


as it’s actually quite a challenge for me keeping

 those stitch spaces straight.

They just want to slant all over the place!

Coffee Break Mat

Ahh, a new self improvement challenge.

I guess so.

Watch this space!

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  1. Such a great idea!! (Oh and I just had to turn on my coffee machine after looking at all those pictures with coffee beans…)

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