Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats



Three Roses Red

 is a little extra Valentine’s project.

It’s a screen printing piece.

That’s right,

I finally broke into my  screen printing pack

by Louise Snook


Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats


Is that the one you bought last June?

That’s it.


I tried  Louise’s screen printing workshop

at the Craft & Quilt Fair, and loved it so much

 I bought one of her kits.

Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats

Nice. What have you made?


They were for Valentine’s day,

but I forgot to post about it



These things happen.

Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats

 How does screen printing compare to

block printing?

I haven’t done much of either, but

screen printing is definately out in front

at this stage.


The finish is better.

Less pre-school.

 Picture 9408_2 (Medium)_PM

But isn’t it more involved?

Not really,

especially if you use a ready made template. 


Simply print, scalpel, screen print.



In no time you have two new table mats for

that extra Valentine’s Day.

 Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats

 That explains your stylised roses then.

Did you think they were my own design?

As if!

(you crack me up)

 Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats

 I have just noticed that your roses match

your napkins.

 I made those too.

In fact,

I chose the fabric for my napkins first, & then

found a rose template to match.

(easy az)

 Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats

Napkins & tablemats – nice work!

Why thank you.

 Screen printing – the way forward!


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