Tutorial: Party Cups – Love Birds

The perfect party pick-me up's.

 Love Birds by Jens Funder- Nielsen

(ISBN: 9784262152622)



  • Tissue paper
  • Paper Glue
  • Paper Cups
  • Pencil
  • Scisscors
  • Scalpel
  • Soft artists paint brush (optional)




Tutorial: Party Cusp - Love Birds







a.  Print out Love Birds template

b. Cut Love Bird template in half

c. Cut all sections of template

(starting with the inside of the heart)

d. Fold tissue paper accordian style, to fit the template

(approx 6cm wide).



N.B Two paper folds equals 2 full hearts.

More folds equals more hearts.





Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






 Step 1.

a. Place the template along the folded edges of the tissue paper.

b. Trace the template onto the tissue paper with a pencil.






Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






 Step 2.

a. Cut all of the section within template out.

b. Scissor cut the outer edge of template.



N.B If you draw more than one template on your tissue paper,

I recommend you cut the inner sections first, & then

cut the individual hearts outs.


*Tissue paper is fiddly especially in small sections.





Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






Step 3.

a. Gently unfold your hearts

b. Finger iron out any creases.




Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






Step 4.

a. Apply glue to the front of your  paper cups

(the area where the template is going)


N.B Depending on your glue,

you might be able to glue a couple of cups in advance.






Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds




Step 5.


a. Place the center of your template over the glue.

b. Leave to dry.



N.B I found using a soft paint brush & working from the center out,

was the easist way to smooth the tissue paper down





Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds





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