Crochet: Row of Three


Crochet: Row of Three


Is a little crochet tablemat.

Three rows of 3, three colours.



(yes, yes)


Crochet: Row of Three


So what inspired you to make this?

A good rummage about in my

yarn baskets.

 It’s spring cleaning time.

 Crochet: Row of Three


 Yarn baskets?


Wicker ones.

I keep finding them on roadsides.


 Picture 9958

And you stash your yarn away in them?

I do.

Anyway during

my spring clean I rediscovered some yarn.

Their colours were perfect

for this Japanese crochet tablemat.

So I got right onto it.

(as you do)

 Crochet: Row of Three

I agree, the colours are lovely;

very feminine.


Aren’t they.


They make me want 

to step back, & take a breather.

If that makes sense.

Crochet: Row of Three

 And wear Liberty print dresses?

I want to give a resounding yes,

but I have a feeling

you are poking fun at me



Just a little bit.

I know you are closet romantic.

Best place to be!


Crochet: Row of Three

Have a wonderful day!

p.s. Liberty print dresses optional.

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  1. I’m glad the dress is optional, I’ve never worn a dress and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon, although I have often thought about wearing a kilt.

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