Crochet: The Schoolies Scarf



Crochet: The Schoolie Scarf


Is a shawl/scarf I made in May, but for a number

of reasons…







has only just made it onto

Sewing Daisies.


Crochet: The Schoolies Scarf


The Schoolie Scarf?

Is it the same colour as your old school uniform?


It is!


I know a lot of people

have issues with wearing their old colours, but I am more than

happy to wear bottle green.


 (yes, yes)



Crochet: The Schoolies Scarf



It’s quite a chunky knit for you, isn’t it?

Tell me about it.


I normally use a hook range of 2mm-4mm,

but for this pattern I used 10mm!


It was very awkward.

  Crochet: The Schoolies Scarf

How awkward?


Knitting awkward!

It felt like I was crocheting with an oar.

I guess the only way to get over that, is to crochet

with larger hooks…more often.


  Crochet: The Schoolies Scarf


And try knitting again?

Funny so should say that.

I recently bought some bamboo knitting needles,

and a Japanese knitting book.

  Crochet: The Schoolies Scarf



I can’t wait to see how that works out.


It might work.

I couldn’t crochet until I started using

Japanese crochet books.

  Crochet: The Schoolies Scarf

True, I say go for it.

I haven’t had a good laugh since…well, the last time

you tried to knit.

 I knew I could count on your support…(sigh)



Smileyface (Medium)

I have always got your back!


Thanks…see you next week.

The Schoolie Scarf pattern is from a Japanese crochet book ISBN: 978-452-904-7753. I buy my Japanese books from Pomadours Craft Cafe on Etsy.


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  1. Thank you!
    I was only thinking the other day I should try Tunisian crochet again…after I have thoroughly humiliated myself with some knitting…
    ooo necklace!

  2. love your scarf, would like to have the pattern. I even like the color! Is there any chance I can get the pattern?

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