Through the workspace.







If you look up 'Through the Keyhole' on the internet,

Wikipedia will tell you that it was a British panal game.






Through the workspace






I don't remember that bit.

I do however, recall LLoyd Grossman encouraging the general public to

snoop about 'stars' homes

on a weekly basis

(from our armchairs of course). 






 Through the workspace







In a similar vein,

I thought I would show you my workspace.

It's a 30" x  30" end bit of a desk.


I upgraded…from the dining room table.

See me fly!!!!



P.s. I also sew/mess about with paper/daydream from this 'end bit of a desk'.

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  1. Thank you Sharon & Sue…it’s not a bad little spot. It was all mine but the husband decided to work from home permanently. Now there’s the two of us squeezed in singing loud & badly together.

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