The Kaffe Fusion in French




If you hadn't guessed it yet,

the Kaffe 'Fusion Blanket' pattern is now available in French.



Huge thanks!




to Alexandra over at Alex en Vrac

for translating the pattern for me…she has even set up her own crochet-a-long.




 Go Alex!!

If you fancy a challenge,

or know someone who might want the pattern in French

please check it out.


If you are rubbish at French like me, the English version is here.








you wish to make the 'Fusion Blanket' (whether on your own or as
part of a Crochet-Along) and plan to blog about it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could
acknowledge Sewing Daisies.

eg. "original pattern by Sewing Daisies"


Thank you!