Quick & Easy: Tea Towel Napkins





 Quick & Easy: Tea Towel Napkins




Is my attempt at hurrying spring along.

Don't get me wrong,




I love Winter




…but there are strawberries in the supermarket!


(& strawberries are for picnics).




  Quick & Easy: Tea Towel Napkins





To make your own Tea Towel Napkin

all you need is…



  • Napkin
  • Ruler
  • Pencil/fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron



and to follow these easy instructions…




  Quick & Easy: Tea Towel Napkins






Step 1.

Measure the width of your tea towel napkin (mine was 50cm wide)


Step 2.

 Using your width measurement PLUS 2cm for a new seam,

  measure and mark along the length of your teatowel .


(Repeat on other length side of tea towel)




We are making a square napkin,

so all of the tea towel side should measure the same.





  Quick & Easy: Tea Towel Napkins






Step 3.

a. Using your pencil or fabric marker,

draw a line across the width of your teatowel (joining the two sides).

b. Cut across the line.




  Quick & Easy: Tea Towel Napkins






Step 4.

a. Measure and fold over 1 cm of the top of the teatowel

(the cut edge), & iron

b. Fold the edge over another 1cm, & iron

c. Using your sewing machine, sew your seam closed with a running stitch.


There you have it – a nice new SQUARE napkin.






 If you are feeling fancy,

you could also add a lovely crochet edge to your napkin.


 (I did!)



Before you know it, 

you will have a bunch of brand new napkins

(ready for Spring).






  Quick & Easy: Tea Towel Napkins








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  1. …for the napkins I used my ‘sharpie’ (sharp crochet hook).
    I think with a loose weave tea towel you should be able to crochet straight into the towel with a small crochet hook or using an awl puncture the holes before crocheting.
    Alternatively, you could sew the edges with a blanket stitch and then crochet along that as I did with the Kaffe Fusion Blanket.

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