#out&about...Love Lace

For the past 12 months,

the Powerhouse Museum (in Sydney)

has been exhibiting lace works by

international artists.


I finally got my act together, and went to check things out.


It’s not the Victoriana Fest I had imagined.

Quite opposite in fact.

#out&about...Love Lace

The bondage inspired piece was interesting.


I had to get up close to confirm exactly what

I was looking at.


I wasn’t the only one.


#out&about...Love Lace

The man befind the security camera

also felt it necessary to have a closer look …

at what I was doing.

I barely got my nose over the yellow line

before I was tannoyed to step back.


I wasn’t going to touch anything, honest Guv’nor!

#out&about...Love Lace

Bondage aside,

there are great examples of jewellery, bowls,

and godzillas with lace sun hats.


What’s not to love about that?!


Powerhouse MuseumLove Lace


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