The Jul.Christmas.Noel Series...









isn't just the name of one of my Pinterest boards, it's also the name of my

new project series.



With just 13 weeks to go until Christmas,

the countdown has begun!







Number-10 yellow







To celebrate our 10th Christmas 'down under',

I have decided to create a new word & change my

festive colour scheme.



 I am thinking a good smattering of pastel (& some brights),

with a healthy dose of white

should work well in 30°C heat.






Chrummer Time!





You read right.

You may be thinking that 'Chrummer Time' 

doesn't work.

But, if you take a moment,

then imagine MC Hammer doing his thing

– it so works!




Watch this space.

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  1. Heidi, you make me laugh! Chrummer is excellent (well, for the southern hemisphere!). I still have a hard time getting my head round Christmas in the summer!

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