Ikea Kool: Bucket Candle







Inspired by

my Ikea & flower collaboration

the other day,



Ikea Kool: Eriostemon Ring



I decided to see

I could make that magic work again.

 Which meant a trip to Ikea.


(yes, yes)






Ikea Kool: Bucket Candle







Knowing my local Ikea like the back of my hand,

I knew exactly where to search out some goodies….

the outdoor & candle section.






Ikea Kool: Bucket Candle







After the hotdog stand,

they are definately my favourite sections of Ikea.



Who am I kidding, I love all of Ikea.


Where else can you go & listen to arguments

in 28 languages?!



(or thereabouts).






 Ikea Kool: Bucket Candle







Another thing I love

is their little HÖSTÖ galvanised buckets

which I have used in this project.




Along with some gorgeous Wax flowers,

a candle & a little bit of ribbon, you can create all sorts of

delightful table arrangements.





Ikea Kool: Bucket Candle






Spring is definately in the air!



If you happen to be moving into Winter,

please come back in a few days for the Bucket Candle Tutorial.

It's got a great Christmassy feel to it.




Have fun today!