Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle






 In the original post for the

Ikea Kool Bucket Candle,

I used white Geraldton Wax flowers to create

a lovely Spring feel.




For this tutorial however,

I will be using Hypericum Berries

to produce a lovely Christmas look.







Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle







  • Plant pot (I used a galavnised HÖSTÖ Ikea bucket)
  • Ribbon
  • Ribbon Bow (Store bought if you don't make your own)
  • Sand
  • Flora Form (e.g. Oasis)
  • Small candle holder (I used Negligne Ikea holder)
  • Clear plastic
  • Scissors/ secatuers
  • Small Knife
  • Water (to soak floral foam)
  • Floral Wire
  • Candle
  • Double sided tape or hot glue gun
  • Moss or other greenery*
  • Flowers (or berries)




 * For both versions of my Bucket Candle I use lichen

which I found in the 'Model Train' section of my local craft store.











Step 1: Make Floral pegs

(6-10 pegs required)

a) Cut your floral wire into 3cm sections. *

b) Fold over gently in the middle to create a little peg.




* You wire needs to be relatively sturdy to be able to pin your greenery;

I used a 22 gauge wire.






Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle







Step 2: Add Ribbon

(to bucket)



a) Cut 8x small pieces of double sided tape – no wider than you ribbon.

b) Stick the double sided tape to bucket. *

c) Remove the tape paper to expose the sticky side.

d) Measure and add your ribbon to the bucket. **




*  I positioned two pieces of tape together at the front & the back of the bucket.

** Place the ends of your ribbon at the front of your bucket.





Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle







Step 3: Shape Floral Form

(to bucket)



a) Measure & cut your floral foam to fit the top of your bucket.

b) Measure & cut this piece (lenght wise) so you have approx 3cm thick square.

c) Place your floral foam on top of your bucket & gently cut away to fit.

inside the bucket.



 When cutting your foam, please keep your foam the correct side up (slogan side up).

This will help minimise air bubbles when soaking.







Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle






Step 4: Make a Floral Foam Doughnut


a) Make an imprint in the center of your floral foam

(using your candle holder).

b) Cut the imprinted foam section out.

c) Soak Floral form.




 I used 1x Ikea Negligne candle holder.

It's triangular shape is perfect for adding stability to the candle.






Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle






 Step 5: Add sand

(to your bucket)



a) Fill your bucket half way with sand.

b) Cut a piece of plastic to cover the sand and sides of bucket.



The weight of the sand helps to stabilise your bucket, and the plastic

will help the foam keep it's water content.






Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle







Step 6: Assemble Bits

a) Place your piece of plastic over the sand.

b) Add candle holder.

c) Add floral form.

d) Trim the excess plastic from the top of the bucket.




You should have approx 1cm gap between floral form and top of bucket.













Now for the best part.

Making the Ikea Kool Bucket Candle look pretty.








Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle







Step 7: Pin Moss & Berries



 a) Using your floral pegs, pin your greenery to the floral foam.

b) Cut & push in yor berries/flowers.





As your floral foam is only about 3 cm thick, you don't need long stems

on your flowers or berries. You just need enough to be able to securely push

them into the foam.





Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle







Step 8: Add Tape

a) Add small cut of tape onto the ribbon (front of ribbon)

b) Remove tape paper

c) Add
Ribbon bow

d) Add candle





If you wish to make your own Ribbon Bow – please check out this  

Tutorial: Small Ribbon Bow Making




Tutorial: Ikea Kool Bucket Candle







All that's left to do is, 

 proudly show off 

your Bucket Candle to family & friends.