3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns

The project feature 3M

is back!


If you missed this feature at the beginning of the year.

Here’s a quick recap:

3M stands for

Made by Martha Stewart,

Made by Mollie Makes &  

Made by You.

The original plan with this feature was to try projects

from each of these great sources.


 3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns


I managed to complete a project

from Martha Stewart & Mollie Makes, but I never tried one 



That is until now,

thanks to Pinterest and Rebecca over at

Rebecca’s DIY,


the originator of this lovely

little project.

3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns

 Now I know

you are looking at these lanterns, & thinking

how nice

 they would be for a picnic/party/baby shower,

but I think the Christmas tree is

where they belong.


That’s right, the CHRISTMAS TREE.

Which is why I chose

to make my lanterns using shot glasses,

rather than the standard size

party cup.

3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns


I am now sensing you are not convinced

by this idea.

Something about pastels

not being Christmassy



 3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns



here’s a quick recap about my new feature


Sydney (Australia) gets super hot at Christmas.

I would like to be super cool this year.

Not Fonzie cool, but as in


‘I want to wear more than my bikini,

when I eat my turkey dinner’

kind of cool!

So I am making white & pastel Christmas decorations,

they’re cool, right?


 3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns



I have made some lanterns.


I haven’t written a tutorial for them because,

a) they are so easy to make  


Plastic cups 

Modge Podge type glue

Paint Brush or sponge


Thin Card (to draw template on)

Lights (from the Dollar shop)

& something to punch a hole in the top of the cups

(I used a drill).



b) Taylor has written a fantastic tutorial on her gorgeous blog


(Check out the drilling photo!)


 3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns


If you fancy making your party/Christmas special, 

why not try making your own lanterns?


 They really are easy!


3M: Made By You - Party Lanterns


Have fun today!