Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter

project is the result of my last visit to Ikea.

As a general rule,

I stay away from the kitchen & dining sections of Ikea.


Three kitchen drawers full of ‘Ikea kitchen gadgets’

has taught me that all self restraint evaporates  

 as soon as you enter that little nook of Ikea.

N.B. It’s the same with the candle section, but as candles

are one of life’s necessities, I make it a rule to

visit this section on every visit.

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

However, my last Ikea trip was a little different:


I came home with a set of DRÖMMAR cookie cutters.


I am still puzzled now about that day.

I remember going into Ikea, heading for the candle section,

& then unpacking my new cookie cutters at home.


Everything else in between is a blank!

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

Not to worry though,

as the DRÖMMAR cookie cutters are so cute!


I don’t think I have seen  cookie cutters

look so stylish.


Elk & his friends are ‘bringing it’ to my kitchen drawer

as I write this.

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

Anyway I digress.


You are probably wondering what I have used my lovely chic friends for,

especially given I don’t blog about baking or cooking. 


Am I right?


Well, I used Elk & the gang to make some hanging decorations.

The non ‘bake in the oven’ kind.

Smart eh?


Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)


After a bit of research,

I discovered that a fair few crafters including 

Sania Pell


like to use an air drying modelling clay (DAS) 

to make fun things.


So that is what I have done.

I have made some cookie cutter fun things.

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

 Making clay hanging decoarations is incredibly Quick & Easy.

1. Grab some DAS clay

N.B. I used the white clay to avoid having to paint.

 Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

With a rolling pin

2. Roll out your clay

N.B. My clay was approx. 3-4 mm thick.

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

Using your choice of cookie cutter

3. Place you cookie cutter gently on your clay &

4. Press firmly!


5. Gently remove the surrounding clay  

to reveal your shape.

N.B. This modelling clay has lots of fibers in it,

so you will have to smooth down the edges of your shape

with your finger tip.

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)

Using a bamboo skewer or pen

6. Punch a hole in the top of your clay shape

7. Leave to dry overnight

N.B. The larger the clay shapes the longer they need to dry for

(I left my little animals for 2 nights).


Also, DAS clay is quite strong smelling, so you may want to dry them

somewhere out of the way.

Ikea Kool: Kookie Kutter (fun)


8. Ribbon up your shapes

& hang!




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  1. maybe they kidnapped you when you weren’t looking and the ransom was that you took them home with you!!! they are adorable…???

  2. Those kidnapping aliens must have underlying commercial motives! The same thing has happened to me in thriftstores, yarnshops and Habitat… 🙂
    Lovely tutorial, great for kids as well.

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