Jul.Christmas.Noel - Mossy Delight Adventskranse

Jul.Christmas.Noel – Mossy Delight



 is the project that nearly wasn’t.




Because I completely forgot about making my Adventskranse

until this morning.




After a quick cup of tea & mush about in my craft cupboard,

this is what I came up with.


The Mossy Delight!

 Not bad eh?


Jul.Christmas.Noel - Mossy Delight Adventskranse


moss is the same bunch

I bought in October to make my Bucket Candle


I had wrapped it up well,

so it’s still lovely and soft.


The toadstools are German, and you can get them from

32 Degrees North.


They have loads of cool vintage European



They are definately worth checking out!

 (yes, yes)


Jul.Christmas.Noel - Mossy Delight Adventskranse


 Just one more thing…

To make up for my memory lapse this morning,

I  made another little Advents display.

The Ikea Kool: Kranse


It’s very Quick & Easy to do.

  Check it out.


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