Jul.Christmas.Noel - Winter Warmers!




Winter Warmers!


This is my last project for 2012.


They're a little Christmas present to me.


Leg Warmers 


Yes, Yes, I am fully aware

that they are totally impractical for Chrummertime,

but they will be very handy when winter

comes back around in June.



Jul.Christmas.Noel - Winter Warmers!



See how AWESOME they look

with my clogs!


  Jul.Christmas.Noel - Winter Warmers!



As you can probably tell,

 I am totally smitten with these

bad boys.


This is only my second attempt at Tapestry crochet,

& I don't think I did too shabby a job.


Easier to make than they look,


why not have a go?


Go on.


 (the pattern is from isbn: 978-402-190493-6)

 The yarn I used is Lincraft’s own brand ‘Double Knitting’ 8 Ply (acrylic) in white (dye lot: 1189), russet (dye lot: 2057), Sand, and Moss Green (sorry I forgot to keep the info)


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  1. Howdy! I just love these and have recently ordered the book. May I ask the brand and colors of yarn you used? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Maize, Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies, it’s great to hear from you. The yarn I used is from Lincraft (an Australian store). The yarn is an 8 ply double knitting wool (acrylic) in russet, white /cream, Buff (beige) and a dark moss green. I have checked online and they don’t appear to have the colours on their online store, but I am sure you will be able to buy a similar yarn elsewhere. Have fun with the leg warmers (they’re great to make).

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