Ikea Kool: Advents Kranse

 Ikea Kool : Advents Kranse

is a very Quick & Easy

Advents display. 


If like me you have tonnes of Ikea ‘Christmas stuff’ tucked away,

this project might be for you.


Especially if you left making an Advents Kranse

to the last minute!


(again – like me)

Ikea Kool: Advents Kranse

 Just take some

Dala horses &

little Julenisser

  add them to your Ikea numbered candles.

(perhaps on a on a tray)

Ikea Kool: Advents Kranse

Place your ‘artwork’ on your dining room table.


Yell Tadah!


  & graciously accept all the praise

thrown your way.


 (No one needs to know this was a last minute job)

Ikea Kool: Advents Kranse


How Quick & Easy was that?!

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  1. Love it! I could just about cope with that … of course I’d have to go to Ikea for some bits and pieces first as I don’t have anything in stock! Maybe next year (the thought of battling the crowds at Ikea right now doesn’t appeal!)

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