The colour of Storm

Storms are interesting, aren’t they?


Some cast up amazing

light shows,


some chase you around,


& others rip your roof off.

The one we have just had in Sydney will go down in history

for being very grey.

Two whole days of intense rain & grey.


The colour of Storm


It all finally eased up this morning.


So I popped out to check on the damage,

imagining the contents of bins littered everywhere,

trees to be ripped up – the very least

a broken branch or two.


The colour of Storm


What I found instead was a colourful display of

nature at play.


Yes, leaves were strewn far and wide,

but with none of the savagery often expected from storms.

Nature’s Design?


Instead it looked like the winds had purposefully placed leaves

to best show their shapes & colours.


Storms are interesting, aren’t they?

The colour of Storm

Technically we still have another month of summer,

I wonder if we have seen the last of it?