Crochet: Aloha Wave Cushion

Aloha Wave Cushion


is the first of many

2013 crochet projects


It’s a lovely little cushion

inspired by the sunsets in Hawaii.

(That’s where I was for Christmas)


Crochet: Aloha Wave Cushion



This gorgeous ‘Wave’ pattern is from one of

my many Japanese books.

Originally destined to be a floor mat (as per the book),  

I quickly changed my mind however.

There is no way

I am letting anyone trample across this beauty!

So I changed the floormat into a cushion



Crochet: Aloha Wave Cushion




the floormat to cushion

process is really Quick &  Easy to do.


  To convert your mat to a cushion:

1. Make a cushion case


a. Choose a neutral coloured top fabric, & something gorgeous for the back.


b. Measure the dimensions of your ‘Wave’ mat &

ADD 1cm seam allowance to all sides.


c. Cut your top & back fabric pieces 


d. Sew your top & back pieces (right sides) together, leaving a 3 inch gap open

(Don’t forget to use 1 cm seam allowance).


e. Turn rights out and iron.


Crochet: Aloha Wave Cushion


 2. Blanket Stitch the cushion case


a. Using a 3ply crochet thread,

blanket stitch all the way around the cushion case   

EXCEPT for the gap.


* I left 1 cm gap between each stitch.


Crochet: Aloha Wave Cushion


3. Single Crochet Stitch the cushion case


For my  Aloha Wave Cushion,

I used Rico Creative Cotton (Aran) yarn with a 4mm hook,

& used the same again for my Single Crochet border.


Due to the bulky nature of the Creative Cotton,

I only crocheted 2x SC into each 1cm blanket stitch gaps.

* This will change according to your yarn

Crochet: Aloha Wave Cushion



4. Stuff your cushion case


If you can find a ready made cushion insert to fit your ‘Wave’ mat,



a. Squeeze it into your cushion case

b. Sew up the gap

c. Single crochet over the gap.



If you can’t find a ready made case,

find a larger one & use the stuffing from that.

5. Crochet (or sew) your ‘Wave’ mat onto your cushion



 Then shout ALOHA!






Gotta love 2013!

Have a gorgeous day.




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  1. I just discovered your beautiful blog! I am completely infatuated with your sense of style and color. Thank You for providing so much crafty cozy inspiration 🙂

  2. I love this! I don’t suppose you would share what the Ricoh colours were? I know if I try to recreate I’ll get them wrong and it won look as good!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful design x

  3. I have listed the colours including the colour codes & lot numbers for the Rico Creative Cotton (Aran), that I used for my cushion.
    Purple colour code 11 / lot 405
    Pink 1 13/404
    Pink 2 73/402
    Orange 1 76/404
    Orange 2 74/404
    Blue 1 36/404 used for the grid pattern
    Blue 2 32/ ?
    Blue 3 37/? Used to join the crochet work onto the fabric back cover.
    Yellow 63/405
    Green 1 41/404
    Green 2 44/402

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