Crochet - The Granny Square Blanket Part 1


 As you know, I like to crochet.

I am not especially great or adventurous with it,

but that will hopefully change in 2013.


That is, once I have finished my ‘Granny Square’ blanket (Panda Pattern);

I only have 36 more squares to do.

It’s a small blanket.

Once that has been put to bed, I can get on with learning how to do


a) Tunisian crochet

b) Broomstick crochet

c)  read written patterns

d) Tapestry & Instarsia (including reversible) crochet

e) Crocheting with fabric

 & all the other things I have on my other craft list.

You may not see me for a while.


Crochet - The Granny Square Blanket Part 1

What’s on your 2013 list?



6 Comments on Crochet – The Granny Square Blanket Part 1

  1. Good luck with that list Heidi! I’ve played around with Tunisian and Broomstick crochet but haven’t actually made anything but swatches so far. And then someone gave me a hairpin lace loom … must take that out of its pack and read the instructions some day.
    Your granny squares look fantastic … hope you get through the remainder really fast and can start all those other projects soon!

  2. So funny you mention the hairpin lace Fiona – that nearly made it onto this year’s list but, as I still haven’t done Tunisian (2010 & 2011 list) I thought it smarter to stick it onto next year’s.
    Actually, let’s put it onto 2015.

  3. Ohhh a couple of months ago I bought a Tunisian crochet class from Craftsy! I’ve watched part of it and hope to actually have a sit down and pay full attention to it one day soon-ish…. Learning to read a written pattern is high on my list for the year as well.

  4. I like the idea of a video class – that may speed things up a little on the Tunisian crochet front. I may just check Craftsy! out – thanks for the heads up Katie.

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