New Year - 2013 Mood Boards

Happy 2013!





For the past few days

I have been busy drawing up a Sewing Daisies   

2013 Project Plan,

& nailing down a few themes (& colour schemes)

to explore.



To help the process along

I have been dipping into my image folders & re-doing

my mood boards.

The Mood Boards above,

are my creation.

New Year - 2013 Mood Boards

As those of you

following me on Pinterest can testify,

I love collecting web images. 

Well, I do exactly the same at home, but with magazines pages.

If I like it, it gets 

ripped out & stashed away into

one of my image folders.

The really potent images (i.e. the ones that make my feet dance),

get pinned onto my mood boards,

walls, and mirrors.




New Year - 2013 Mood Boards




Hoarding images isn’t new to me.

I used to have ‘image folders’ when I was younger.

This one from 1984 is full of old magazine clippings,

pop star cards & photos.


It also has a few of my very own fashion designs,

which are all now copyrighted.


Just in case.




New Year - 2013 Mood Boards




My favourite pages

  though are at the back of the folder.


They contain old

sport certificates.

Apparently I did a charity run in 1984, and

I met Olympic swimmer

David Wilkie.

I also didn’t need the use of my right eye.


New Year - 2013 Mood Boards



So what will be I doing in 2013?


The usual, just with a whole lot more orange

& fun.






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