Bessie May: Making a BEE line for me

Bessie May:

Making a BEE line for me

Now you may be thinking that I have been

‘resting on my laurels’ this past week

since I haven’t posted anything up,

but that isn’t true.

Well, not completely anyway.

I have been yarn shopping


learning to knit.


Bessie May: Making a BEE line for me


But first, let’s talk about my lovely new yarn

from Bessie May.

Luscious coral coloured cotton (say that fast three times)

with tiny little spun ‘bees’ in the thread.

It’s divine!

Called Lishie-Lou (from the Bee range),

I have decided to rename it Lushie-Lou.


It’s that gorgeous!

Bessie May has other wonderful yarns too,

check out their ‘Nettle’ range on


I can’t wait to get my hands on

some of that.

(after I have made something with the Lushie-Lou)

Bessie May: Making a BEE line for me

Knitting has always been a pain for me;

There’s just too many sticks to play with!

That of course, 

hasn’t stopped me from trying (again & again)

to get to grips with it.

Last week,

I decided to suck it up & go for a beginners lesson

at Morris & Sons (in Sydney).

Jo (our teacher) was amazing.

She is a knitting, crochet & yarn doyenne.

I learned more in 10 minutes about yarn, than I have in the past 3 years.

She also managed to get me to knit.

(sort of)

Cmpnd pix-Cont purlPhoto:

I have knitted a little every day,

but have come to the conclusion that as easy as

the English ‘Throwing’ method is,

I can’t continue using it.

I just can’t work out how to ‘throw’ the yarn


keep the needle in my hand.

So I have gone back to

the Continental method,

which is more comfortable

(and faster).

Shame I can’t do

Continental Purl stitch.


I think might be be able

to help with that one.


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  1. Good luck with your knitting classes … I love knitting but I learned to do that many years before I learned to crochet. Completely agree with you that it seems a bit unwieldy compared to crochet (now … I thought for months that I’d never get the hang of crochet)! I use the throwing method – probably too set in my ways to learn continental knitting now.
    Love your yarn – any ideas what you’ll make it into?

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