Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way




Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way



 is the last part of my Valentine triology, which means that

the day of flowers & chocs

(with any luck) is nearly upon us.



 This little project is another Quick & Easy one.


All you need is some Borax powder (detergent aisle of the supermarket)

A Kettle full of hot water

Jars ( clean/no lids)

Pipe cleaners shaped like hearts

Bamboo or lolly sticks



and 12 hours.

 Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way




 Crystal Fun!


I spotted this 'gem' of an idea over on Pinterest, & thought this

would be fun for me to do.



Oh come on!

Kids have Jungle Gyms & Roller Sneakers, they won't miss

this little project.



While I am at it,

I am also claiming back Space Hoppers & Hula Hoops

for us kidults.



They shall be used for fun, not exercise!







Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way





Maggie & Miranda over at

Club Chica Central

have been experimenting with Borax, & have produced

a great  How-To post.


But, before you all dive over to check it out,

let me just warn you that


a) this project is very addictive  


b)  the suggested  1/3 cup of Borax in a jar of boiling water

needs adjusting according to the size of your jar.




c) if after an hour it looks like nothing is happening,

gently stir up the bottom of your jar.

Have fun!