Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket

Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket


 is another little lap or baby blanket

that is super easy to make.

This little beauty

is from my new Japanese book crochet book (isbn 9784864731262)

& is made up of Filet (grid) squares


beautifully chained together and finished

with a triple ‘chain’ edge.


Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket


This little crochet book

is an unusual purchase for me because it

a) favours muted colours, especially grey


b) the projects are chunkier

To boot it has a number of easy looking mitten patterns.

 (I have never made mittens)


Anyhoo, this book isn’t what

I would normally reach for, let alone buy.

But, I am glad I did, because this a great blanket and

my colour horizons are being pushed

a little further.

Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket


Speaking of colours, for this blanket

I decided to try out ones in the book.

Well, near enough.

I swapped the baby blue for yellow.

So my blanket is black, charcoal, tan & yellow.

The exact same colours my new neighbours have used to

pimp up the front

of their house.

(trendies – gotta love ’em)


Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket


Of course

other changes were made too.

(surprise surprise)

The pattern calls for a Double Knit yarn (I think), but as I love cotton

and really enjoyed fondling

the Morris & Sons Avalon cotton

after my beginners knitting class last month,


I decided to buy some of that.

Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket

As you can see from my yarn photo,

the Avalon cotton is nothing like DK yarn.

It’s neither fuzzy or thick.

In fact you need a 3.25mm hook, which is Smurf tiny.


Which is great, if you are Smurf sized, but as I am ‘ogre’ sized

I need a blanket bigger than a thimble.

So instead of just making 12 x Filet (grid) squares,  

I had to make 48.


Note to Self:

Its time to stop winging it, and learn about proper yarn usage.


 Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket

But, the blanket was worth the effort.


I really think the Yellow Brick Blanket is a great one

for beginners to try.


I know most people start off with granny squares,

but these are even faster! 

You could have yourself a lovely blanket in less than a week

…if you use DK yarn.

Crochet: Yellow Brick Blanket


How do you choose yarn?


By pattern

by feel

by colour


blind folded



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  1. I think you “wing” it beautifully! I like this blanket. The colors too. I like yarn that feels soft to the touch. Maybe I need to get this book too.

  2. Thanks Sandy, I still think it’s time to ‘wing’ it a little less. I have been crocheting for 4 years now, it’s about time I new a little more about yarns 🙂

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