Ikea Kool: Tallort Blanket Scarf

Ikea Kool: Tallort Blanket Scarf

is a little trial run.

I got my mitts on

a little Japanese crochet book the other day,

that uses fabric strips (rather than yarn) to make

hats, scarves and bags.

Very cute!

The scarf that really caught my eye

is a beautiful voluminous creation

made from a Tartan blanket.


It looks incredible.

I really want to make the Tartan version,

but I thought I
would try out the pattern on something

that I wouldn’t get too upset
over in case

the pattern didn’t work.


It happens.


Ikea Kool: Tallort Blanket Scarf



So here’s my effort using a  

Tallort Ikea blanket



not soft, light or fluffy, but it crochets well enough.

And it’s cheap.


The scarf is really simply to make;


a) Cut your blanket strips 3.5cm wide*

  b) Chain one long strip ( long enough to hang to the bottom of my ribs)**

 c) Crochet loops (15 chain stitches each) all along the top & bottom of your base strip.


* tie your strips together leaving small tails on each knot.

** leave 30 cm tails either end of your scarf to use

to tie the ends up together.

Very easy.


Ikea Kool: Tallort Blanket Scarf

Now unless you fancy

a big statement piece like my

Ikea Cotton & Jute
one which is surprisingly weighty,


I recommend using a nice light weight


I will be trying this again soon, but with a nice light Tartan blanket.


Watch this space!