Knitting: Bobble Croc Wrist Warmers



Bobble Croc Wrist Warmers

is my first attempt at a knitted glove-type accessory.


Yes… you are correct;


After finishing my first knitting project 

The Candy Striped Scarf,

I did say something about knitting

another scarf.

But then, I saw these ‘Bobble Crocs

& decided they would make a much better novice project.

 I was right,

these are incredibly easy to make!

Knitting: Bobble Croc Wrist Warmers

So what makes this the perfect pattern

for beginner knitters?

Well for starters, you don’t need to know how to ‘circular knit’.


All you need to know is how to knit the

 rib stitch  (K2:P2). 


PLUS… you don’t actually knit the bobbles, you crochet them.

Double Easy Score!

 Knitting: Bobble Croc Wrist Warmers

Not sold on them yet?


 Okay, the ‘bobble croc’s are simply 

two rectangles folded over & sewn up 

(individually) on the longer side,

with a gap for your thumb.


Mine are 42 stitches wide and measure 30cm long,

which is roughly 55 rows.

The bobbles are really easy to do, especially if you have done

some crochet before.

They  start on row 6 (on every other Knit Rib), and then

on every 10th row there after.

It really is that simple.


 Knitting: Bobble Croc Wrist Warmers

The yarn I used is from Lincrafts (Australia),

and is called Celtic (dye lot 0136) which is a blend of

wool, acrylic & alpaca.

The colour is a mix of gorgeous blues & greens

that when knitted up looks amazing.

The recommended needle size is 5.5mm,

so that’s what I used.

 Knitting: Bobble Croc Wrist Warmers

I am guessing by now you are wondering why I named them

‘Bobble Crocs’.


That’s easy enough.

A pair of visiting relatives (5 & 3 year old) from the UK

convinced me of the merit of crocs.

They are obsessed with them!

(the big live toothy ones, not the shoe kind)

And, now it seems I am too.

 Knitting: Bobble Croc Wrist Warmers

Are they good enough to wear out in public?


You betcha, I just need the temperature to drop again.

Come on Sydney, it’s winter now

let’s try for under 21c.