Paper Distraction #1 Green & Gold Globes





Paper Distraction #1

Green & Gold



As you know,

I have been helping my husband

edit his upcoming book.



This means I haven't had much time to

'make anything'.


Not making things,

or even thinking about making things, has made

me feel a little flat.

(or cranky depending on who you ask)





Paper Distraction #1 Green & Gold Globes






I don't want to commit to a

crochet or knitting* project right now,

but I need to do something.



So, I have decided now is a great time to focus

on paper based projects.


They are Quick & Easy to do, right?



*I have yet to photograph the crochet project

I finished 3 weeks ago!



Paper Distraction #1 Green & Gold Globes






Thanks to Pinterest, 

I shouldn't have any problem

finding new paper challenges to keep

the creative mind grapes and hands happy.


Plus, I have just found some interesting

Origami Apps. 





Paper Distraction #1 Green & Gold Globes






Anyway, to start off

my Paper Distraction series,

I have made some little 'Green & Gold'

globes type things.


 The pattern comes from a Japanese book (ISBN 9784864730364)

which is full of cute little paper & felt projects.

You will definately be seeing more projects 

from this book.





Paper Distraction #1 Green & Gold Globes





Creative mind grapes (and hands) are

now happy again,

So I can joyfully go back to editing the book

and to explaining the difference between

'active & passive' voice.

I can't wait for another paper distraction!