Knitting: Circular Knit Slouchy Beret

Last weekend I popped along to

Morris & Sons (Sydney) to learn

how to circular knit.


Why  when you can barely knit?!

(I imagine you are all thinking)


Fair enough, that’s exactly

what I was thinking 30 minutes into the class.

Actually, I think everyone in the group was too.

About themselves, not me…


I am not that bad at knitting!

Knitting: Circular Knit Slouchy Beret

The class was taught by the lovely Lyndell,


who did a marvellous job ignoring our grumblings about


using 10mm needles,

using 10 mm needles joined together,

& messing about with magic loops.


After about an hour we stopped complaining.


We learned loads!

 Including how to knit a folded hem.

Knitting: Circular Knit Slouchy Beret

The yarn I used is by  Morris & Sons.

It’s a 20 ply monster called Fuel

(colour way Cargo).


I used two balls of the stuff (with some left over)

& it only took me another 1.5 hours

to finish my Slouchy Beret.

Which by the way DOES NOT suit me

no matter what jaunty angle I tease the thing into.

‘Stubborn Slouchy’ more like.


Still it’s not bad for a first time

circular project.


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