#out&about: Basket Weaving

I don’t know what you got up to

at the weekend, but I spent a lovely morning down a 

 Koskela (in Sydney)


Michele Marcos

who is a local artist who loves teaching people  

how to weave.


#out&about: Basket Weaving

It turns out you can make baskets

from anything.


Who knew?!


Okay, probably everyones knows that but,

have they all had a go?


#out&about: Basket Weaving



It’s surprisingly easy, not to mention



If it hadn’t have been

for the coffee beforehand, and my   habit

 of taking photos every 10 minutes,


 it would have been Zen.


(damn you iPhone)



#out&about: Basket Weaving


To avoid getting

ahead of myself I only made a little bowl

a miniscule one in fact but,

as Michele said


” it’s better to start off small and finish,

than start out large” and have it sitting in your craft cupboard

for the next 12 months

or something to that effect.

I think she’s been my craft cupboard.

#out&about: Basket Weaving


One miniscule bowl down…one ‘tiny’  up next.


 Have fun!

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