Paper Art: Canvas Siblings






Paper Art: Canvas Siblings

 I have made my own printed canvas wall art.

 It only took two years to get around to it.

  I am such a slacker.


Especially, given how easy it is.


 Thank you to  Do It Yourself magazine (Summer 2011 Edition)

for the inspiration.


I can now finally un-bookmark you

in Zinio.




Paper Art: Canvas Siblings






The process is really simple.


All you need is:


an art canvas

gel medium

 pimped up images 

 (laser printed onto paper)



a paint brush





Paper Art: Canvas Siblings






My 'pimped up' images

are of my mother and her older brother.

Stunning as the original black & white images are,

I decided to jazz them up to see how well the colours

would transfer onto canvas.


Using photoshop,

I simply cleaned up the originals,

gave them a colour wash and then added

some colourful backgrounds.


 The hardest part was remembering to reverse my images

before taking them down to Office Works.


(yes, I failed first time)






Paper Art: Canvas Siblings






As I mentioned earlier,

this project is dead easy;



Step 1:

Cover your canvas in Gel Medium using a sponge

or paint brush.


It doesn't need to be a thick covering, but enough

to allow the paper to sink in.






Paper Art: Canvas Siblings




Step 2:

Place your printed image ink side down,

onto the canvas.



Using a credit card or a pebble, smooth the airbubbles

out to the edges.


Step 4:

Leave to dry overnight.





Paper Art: Canvas Siblings






Step 5:

Gently mist your paper with water and (gently)

rub away the paper.


Step 6:

Leave to dry.


Step 6:

Brush over a thin layer of Gel Medium,

leave to set.



 it's that easy!





Paper Art: Canvas Siblings





The Rub & Reveal process

is alot easier if you first;


a) spray all of the paper,

and remove all of the top layer of paper off,

and then

b) then respray & rub a section of the canvas

at a time.


It's a lengthy process, but the results are worth it,

scratches 'n' all.




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  1. thank you for this idea here Now I can do one of my grand son as soon as I get the material.

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