Pinned by Homespun Magazine - CroYo-Yo's

It’s ‘Christmas in July’

down under!

Homespun (Australia)

have done a lovely special issue chock full of

Christmas projects.


My little CroYo -Yo’s are among them.

Pinned by Homespun Magazine - CroYo-Yo's


You have got to love Pinterest

Despite millions of images passing through it everyday,

the good people over at Homespun managed to

a) find my CroYo-Yo’s and

b) like them enough to publish them.

Thank you!

Pinned by Homespun Magazine - CroYo-Yo's


If you haven’t got your copy of  

Homespun yet,


I recommend you get your skates on.

There’s loads of gorgeous projects;

including the amazing quilt on the front cover

by Shoko Sakai.



There are also loads of 

great articles, snippets and tidbit’s.

Oh Ho Ho!

and my CroYo-Yo’s.

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.


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  1. Well done, Heidi! The CroYo-Yos look fantastic and I can imagine them making great decorations. Maybe if I start now …..

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