Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl


Yellow & Blue 

& has nothing to do with

my Zuni Bear?

If like me you are a visual person, & have

already scrolled through this post not

reading anything (again like me),


you will already know the answer is my


Yellow & Blue Yarn Bowl.

It’s one of the three projects

I discovered half finished last week.

It’s done now.

So I can finally allow myself to think

about NEW projects.

Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl

You want to know

about the Bear, don’t you?

Well, last night
when I was planning

this little photo shoot, Bear came to me and said

am awesome,

I should be in at least one

of your photos”


Can’t argue with that.

This Bear is pretty special,

he is a Zuni Fetish & was carved by Emery Eriacho.


 I picked up Bear in the Grand Canyon  a few years back,

 when the husband was busy  hanging off

the edge of a cliff.


(don’t ask!)

Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl

But back to the bowl.

It’s a coil basket weave thing made from

plastic bags and yarn.

Pretty snazzy eh?

I had planned on making a larger fruit bowl,

but I REALLY want to get started on some other projects.


Afterall, it’s not long until

Chrummertime is here again.

Christmas + Summer

= Chrummertime!

I live ‘down under’,

things work very differently around here.

Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl

So with one half finished project down,

I can now plan this year’s Chrummertime

colour scheme.


Happy Skiing or Happy Sunburning!

I will see you in two weeks time,

I am off in search of snow.

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  1. Thanks Sharo. I can’t wait to go down, lots of snow forecast (yay!) and plenty of time for some knitting/crocheting/ sewing…oh and skiing. 🙂
    Hope to see you soon!

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