What's Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue?

 What’s Orange, Green, Yellow

& Blue?

 Two half finished projects, is what!

So annoying.


Talk about putting a kibosh on my favourite activity –

starting new projects.


Starting new projects

when you already have two…

hold on…

 make that three sitting around,

isn’t smart.

What's Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue?

It’s odd,

I am usually very good at finishing things

before starting new projects.


Or am I?


Arrrgh, I can’t remember!

(my head hurts)

Other things I can’t remember;


when or why I started the cross stitch project.


Apparently it’s a Cross Stitcher

Valentine project, but my colours choices are wintry.

Weird, right?

What's Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue?

Anyway, no new projects for me

until I finish at least one of them.


I have nominated the yarn basket thing, 

it should be Quick & Easy.

The half finished scarf

can come with me to the snow, and 

the cross stitch… well, I don’t know where exactly

that’s going, but it’s definitely

out of sight!


…I wonder if it was supposed to be a gift?


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  1. hey there Karen,
    Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies, it’s great to hear from you!
    I have just been to check out your site – gorgeous work! I love your crochet lampshade.
    I can’t wait to see what else you make 🙂
    cheers H

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