Curios: MoTEX Embossing Machine

MoTex Embossing Machine

Whimsy & Juno


The other morning I woke up wanting

a label maker.


Not one of those fancy ones that has 20+ fonts, 

but one like I had as a kid.


  A clicky, clicky, punchy, punchy.


Mine was red,

and brought me reels of fun!


Mainly red & blue fun,


but occasionally I got my hands on

a green reel of tape too.


Ahh those were the days.

 Curios: MoTEX Embossing Machine

 So where exactly can you get a 



Clicky, Clicky, Punchy, Punchy?


Apparently not in my local

craft or stationery stores .


Luckily, we now have something

called the internet.

 If you happen to live in Australia,

I recommend checking out the online store


Whimsy & Juno

If you live outside of Australia, still check them out

they ship internationally too.


Curios: MoTEX Embossing Machine

Whimsy & Juno


has loads of cool & cute stuff.

There’s knitting patterns, magazines, jewellery,

homewares. You name it, they have got it… including


 Clicky Clicky Punchy Punchy’s

by MoTEX.



Lauren & Sarah

not only offer great products,

they also send stuff out to you before

you have had the chance to put your purse away. 

My MoTEX arrived the next morning!

Thats’ fast – thank you!

Curios: MoTEX Embossing Machine

Go on!

Go say hello to Lauren & Sarah @

Whimsy & Juno

I am sure they would love

to send you a MoTex (for a fee of course).


 Anyhoo, I now have a lovely new toy.

I am not sure

what I will use it for project wise,

but that doesn’t matter


it’s well pretty!