Paper Distraction #Dotty For Bows





 Paper Distraction #Dotty For Bows



Dotty is an understatement!


And I am not just referring to the fabulous

Polka Dot Origami Paper

used in this project.

This project has been driving me

to (paper) distraction

for the past few days!






Paper Distraction #Dotty For Bows






Okay, not so much

the actual paper project itself, but

everything else since.



i.e. the lighting for the photos

the display set

choosing my photos


choosing my photos (again)






Paper Distraction #Dotty For Bows





The upside is that I have learnt

how to create Polka Dot patterns (various sizes)

in Photoshop,



what half a dozen other little functions

relating to gridlines do.


If only I could work out the selection tools!





Paper Distraction #Dotty For Bows





Getting back to my  

Dotty For Bows project.

It's really Quick & Easy.


No need for special knives or skills

(Photoshop or otherwise).


All you need is some fabulous paper.


If I weren't totally over finding  

the 'right' font for my photos,

I would love to make some giant Polka Dot Bows

to hang off the balcony.






Paper Distraction #Dotty For Bows






 Instead, I am going to find a little online

Photoshop course.


One that will teach me short cuts, stylish stuff

& snuff out my straight line fetish.



I could be gone a while.



There is a good chance however,

that I will be lurking about on my Facebook Page.

Please join me, all lurkers welcome!





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