Impossible Instant Lab - New Toy

Impossible Instant Lab

is my latest toy.


it allows you to print those lovely pics

you have stashed away on phone,

onto Polaroid film.


How cool is that?!


As cool as Wham in 1982, I think.

” Everybody say WHAM!

Say BAM! ”


Impossible Instant Lab - New Toy 

I have only printed out

a few of my Instagram images,

so I am still getting a  mixed bag of results.

To help, I have created a 1980’s playlist

(starting with Wham Rap).



All I need now are my smartie earrings,

fingerless gloves (neon of course) and my


Frankie Goes to Hollywood ‘RELAX’ t’shirt,

and I am good to go.


It’s good to be a hoarder.