Not Lazy. Learning!




You might have noticed that

the craft projects aren’t exactly forthcoming

at the moment.


I haven’t been lazy, I have been learning;

Photoshop things.



Because, everytime I log onto Pinterest,

another cool poster/magazine layout

seductively meanders up my screen.


I can’t take it anymore.



Not Lazy. Learning!





So how exactly do you make

cool layouts, customized brushes,

and Washi tape labels?!

Go check out Katrina’s site Pugly Pixel

she knows, AND is willing to show you how.

You can even buy ready made stuff there.




to Katrina,


I now know something about animated Gif’s,



yesterday I turned one of my photos from my

Impossible Instant Lab

post into a brush.


Wham! Bam!






Don’t worry,

I will be back soon with some ‘crafty’ projects.


Once I have mastered the Selection Tools in Photoshop, that is.

So far not so great, but it’s early days.




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  1. I keep trying to get to grips with Photoshop – but it’s hard work! I did manage to make a brush once, but I’ll be blowed if I could do it again. Good luck!!!

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