Procraftination: Hama Time!





Procraftination: Hama Time!


After spending

another weekend avoiding my project list,

I have decided to embrace my current state of 'meh'.


In fact, I am going to make it a feature.



Which isn't bad timing, because I can now

happily mess about with the Hama Beads

I picked up a few weeks ago,


without feeling guilty.





Procraftination: Hama Time!





Why did I buy Hama beads?


Because I went down left aisle instead of right,

at my local craft store. 


It was opposite day.

Anyway, instead of buying yarn, I bought Hama Beads


A tub of them to be precise,

plus some little star & heart boards.


I splurged.





Procraftination: Hama Time!





I had forgotten how much fun

they can be.

They make the perfect procrastination tool.

I spent a whole afternoon avoiding 'my list',

it was wonderful.


I have scheduled another afternoon same time next week.

Don't expect anything too wild & exciting,

I only have two little boards.




 Procraftination: Hama Time!






there's sunbathing to be done.


I love spring!