Procraftination: Pom Poms


Procraftination: Pom Poms


I am not sure how you shirk your craft projects,

  but I have started procraftinating.

You know, when you

  piffle about making little things

to avoid the craft projects you diligently placed into

Springpad 6 months ago.


Okay, It must just be me then.


Procraftination: Pom Poms


Anyway, to avoid the nagging voice

in my head,


(no, not sergeant major who yells about exercise,

but Martha the crafty one)

I have yet again procraftinated.


I have made Pom Poms.

Teeny Tiny ones.


(I used a baby fork)


Procraftination: Pom Poms

It’s surprisingly ‘on trend’ for me.

Maybe procraftinating isn’t such a bad thing after all.


After all, I have

honed my ‘Pom Pom’ skills,

created a blogpost and quashed atleast one of the voices in my head.


I wonder how many sit ups it will take to quash

sergeant major’?!

 How do you avoid your projects?


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  1. HI, love this post! I have so many projects on the go that I am at any one time avoiding something!! Love to read your blog- always cheers me up. Pop over and check out my crochet projects when you get chance – would love to see you! Love Karen :o)xxx

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