Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village


Paper Christmas Village


Advent calendars are a big deal in my family.


My brother & I were very lucky

(or spoilt depending on who you ask),


 not only would we get those chocolate filled Advent calendars,

we would get a JuleKalender

from our mum.

(Thank you mum!)


   Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village


 You read correctly,

a Julekalender .

Each year my mum would find 24 little gifts (each)

to hang on our lovely embroidered calendars.

Both of our calendars are stitched with Julenisse doing what they do best.


Creating mischief & having fun!

Well, the younger ones do any way.

 Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village


the little gifts my mum would get us,

 consisted mainly of novelty erasers, smurfs

mini cars & puzzles etc.


You know, small stuff to 


keep idle hands busy

AND away  from the cupboard with the big presents in them


 Cunning as a fox, my mum.


  Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village


Cunning aside, Julekalenders 

are traditional in Scandinavia.

Like my mum,

I also enjoy making up a Julekalender,

  but instead of being a gift finding genius

I try and ‘craft’ a new calendar.

This year, 

I thought I would go down the paper route.

 (I like paper)

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village

Using printer paper,

Washi & double sided tape,


I have produced a little Christmas Village

any Gaul would be proud to live in.


(yes, I still read ‘The adventures Asterix’)

 Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village

I know what you are thinking,

but once you have worked out how to 


resize, and remembered

to add & reverse your house numbers onto your template

in Photoshop; 

it doesn’t actually take that long to scissor cut the houses,


scalpel the numbers, and Washi tape the roofs.

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village

With all the donkey work out of the way,

all you have to do then is


 assemble your houses,


stuff them with tissue paper, and add a little chocolate, or toy.

(btw – I used double sided sticky tape to assemble mine)

If you fancy it,

you could even upgrade from printer paper, and go card.

I reckon an organised, printer savvy person

can make a Christmas Village in an afternoon.


 It is that Quick & Easy.

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Paper Christmas Village

The house template  

I used comes from a cute little Japanese book

(isbn 9784774148588), 

however, I have found quite a few templates available online.

 Sandra over at Mein Lila Park has collected

15 House templates.

Check them out! 


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