Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Cookie Cutter Jars


Cookie Cutter Jars

is one those projects that  in one fell swoop

gives you an extra Christmas blog project,

somewhere to stash your Haribo treats


uses those cute little bottles of paint

you HAD to have.

I love validating my purchases.

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Cookie Cutter Jars

 Now, I could post

some instructions for this project,

but I don’t want to insult

your intelligence.

I will however,

just mention that you should definately

tighten your painted lid onto your jar before

glueing on your cookie cutter.


So the sides of your cookie cutter aligns

with any seams on your glass jar

(if it has any).


 because it makes it look nicer.

 Trust me.


Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Cookie Cutter Jars


Also, as nifty (and exciting)

as it is to use a hot glue gun, the glue doesn’t work well.

My advice,

super glue it.


Oh, and those lovely paint brushes (from the dollar shop).

They don’t work so well either.


In any given paint stroke you can lose up to 4 brush strands.


It’s surprisingly irritating.


Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Cookie Cutter Jars


I know what you are thinking;

these jars could use some stencilling on them.

Great idea.


Martha Stewart

actually does some very nice stencils.

 I bought some along with the paints.

They are lovely.

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Cookie Cutter Jars

 To keep them lovely however,

you will need to

read the instructions they come with.

Because, leaving the paint to dry for an hour

BEFORE removing the stencil results in

 a) the paint coming off with the stencil

b) the destruction of the stencil



because the stencil is made of some

super soft alien matter that either melts

when you try to remove it with nail varnish remover,

or gets bent out of shape when you pick at it.



it clearly says in the instructions

to remove the stencil when the paint is still wet.

Makes sense really.

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Cookie Cutter Jars

This is actually a Quick & Easy project.

This project should only take an afternoon to complete

(glueing included).

 As long as you are a sane & rational person.

Quite clearly I am neither.