Jul.Christmas.Noel - Paper Kissing Tree


Paper Kissing Tree

is my second attempt at paper folding

from my new/old Japanese book

Check out my Golden Doves.

‘Too cool for Heidi’

(isbn: 978 4 579 21191 3)


This time I made trees.

Cool eh?


 Jul.Christmas.Noel - Paper Kissing Tree


I love this book.

Who knew a simple card tree could be so smart?!

Look at those folds, I made those.

 Mmmm…paper folding goodness.

Okay, you got me. 

I don’t have much to say about this little

#Paper Distraction

other than, it’s simple, yet…  dare I say it…cool.



 Jul.Christmas.Noel - Paper Kissing Tree


How could it not be?

Instead of going with the grey & white

‘Too Cool for Heidi’ scheme as used in the book. 

I went for 3 shades of marshmallow.

That’s right, 


Surely, I must get a few cool points for that?



 Jul.Christmas.Noel - Paper Kissing Tree


Fair enough.

Getting back to this project;

it’s surprisingly simple to fold,

has oodles of sophisticated charm, and is called

Paper Kissing Tree,

because I couldn’t think of anything else.

Jul.Christmas.Noel - Paper Kissing Tree