Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Pebernødder (Gluten Free)



are little spicy treats that Scandinavian (& Germans)

enjoy around Christmas.

To thank my neighbours

for collecting toilet rolls for me (a story for another day),

I plan on making them a little Pebernødder

Thank You gift.

But, not before a practice taste run.



 Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Pebernødder (Gluten Free)

This year,

I have adapted the recipe to suit my

Gluten Free needs.

Not hard to do I know,

but tinkering about with recipes, especially baking ones

can be a real hit or a miss.

This time I struck gold.

My Pebernødder turned out

 light, crispy, and melt in your mouth

spicy awesome.

Even if I say so myself.


 Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Pebernødder (Gluten Free)


So what’s involved?


250 grams butter

250 grams Demerara (cane) sugar

150 ml whipping cream

500 grams plain flour

(Gluten Free – I used Bob Mills All Purpose Flour)

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 Cardamon

1 tsp pepper (I used white pepper)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp Xanthan Gum


Baking sheet covered with baking (parchment) paper

Oven set to aprox 180-200c


  Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Pebernødder (Gluten Free)


 To make:

Cream the butter, sugar and

whipping cream together.

Slowly add in your spices, raising agents and flour.

Combine until your have large ball of dough.


Wrap in baking paper and pop in the fridge

for 10 mins (optional).


 Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Pebernødder (Gluten Free)


 To form:

 Cut a small portion

 Roll into a small snake approx 1 cm in diameter.

Cut/tear into small 1 cm pieces, and roll into balls.


Bake in the oven about 4-5 minutes.

 Or watch them until they are lightly browned

and slide about on the baking sheet unaided.

That’s what I do anyway.

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Pebernødder (Gluten Free)

You are probably wondering

what the vague oven setting/times

and optional fridge excursion is all about.

It’s simple;

a) My oven temperature dial is broken and,

b) I have a small kitchen.

When I bake, I channel the Swedish Chef

(I make a lot of mess).

Popping things into the fridge for 10 mins

gives me enough time to tidy up for the next round of

Els Enfarinats.

It also stops my dough from baking itself on the kitchen counter;

It gets hot in Sydney at this time of the year.



Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Pebernødder (Gluten Free)

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