Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Snökul Kool (marcipan)


Snökul Kool

Been to Ikea lately?


Well you should. They have some very cool

Christmas themed

cookie cutters,

gingerbread house making things, and

the cutest little Snökul marcipan moulds

(or chocolate if you prefer).


Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Snökul Kool (marcipan)


There may not be a Christmas pig in sight,

but in each pack you get a


snowman, and


And, they work!

Which is more than can be said for my piping skills

(poor snowman).

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Snökul Kool (marcipan)

If the Chrummertime heat is messing

with your baking,

I highly recommend trying out these little Ikea moulds. 

They are Snö – kool!


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