Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Toadstool



is a more traditional Christmassy

project to try.

All you need is:

A festive bowl

Christmas ornaments

Candle & small candle holder



& Wooden pegs

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Toadstool

This project took less than 10 minutes

to make…


about 4hrs to photograph,

edit, and then photograph some more.

Honestly, you would think

that by now I would remember that every summer

the sun changes position in the sky,

and that I have to change the time of day

I photograph my projects, but no.


 Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Toadstool


To build this Quick & Easy project;


 add sand to your bowl, leaving an inch from the top.

nestle the candle & holder into the sand so it’s secure.

secure your ornaments onto wooden pegs,

place on top of the sand, and cover with moss.

Then all you need to do is…

add extra little bits & pieces (mini toadstolls in my case)

on the top.


Jul.Christmas.Noel -  Toadstool

Where can you get toadstools

like mine?

You can buy the large glass toadstool from David Jones

(department store in Australia), 

perhaps so not so easy to get your hands

on if you live outside of Australia.


the cute little ones are from


 (based in the USA)

Not only do they ship out quickly,

they have an amazing range of Christmas goodies.

 I picked up moss & sand at my local craft store.


 Happy shopping!