Jul.Christmas.Noel -  (Mini) Candle Wreath


(Mini) Candle Wreath


 I love candles (who doesn’t),

and Christmas is the perfect time

to try your hand at making little

candle wreaths.

No really it is.

If you have the time,

you could make a big beautiful

display of them.

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  (Mini) Candle Wreath

 This little wreath is really

Quick & Easy to make;

all you need is

1x mini tart tin

28 gauge silver beading wire or floral wire

decorative (Washi) tape


1x mini white candle

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  (Mini) Candle Wreath

To make

Stage 1

Cut 1x meter long piece of wire, and fold in half.

Leave a 1 inch tail (folded end).

Make 3 loops in different heights (anywhere between 1-2cm tall).

Using you leading wire end (the longest length),

either wrap it around the 3 loops to fasten, or twist all 3 loops to secure.

Leave a gap off approx 1 cm,

and repeat the loop making process, until you have enough loops

to form a wreath on the inside of your tart tin.

 Do not join the ends at this stage.


 Jul.Christmas.Noel -  (Mini) Candle Wreath


Stage 2

Starting with the very first set of loops,

tease all the loops out so you have 6 individual loops.

Cut 1 cm pieces of tape

to cover each of the loops in the first 3 sets of loops.

3 sets of loops = 6 individual loops =  18 pieces of tape

e.g. 1x red for berry and 5x for leaves.

Add your tape to all 18  loops.

  Cut your tape to shape.


Jul.Christmas.Noel -  (Mini) Candle Wreath

Stage 3

Join the ends of your wreath with a twist.

Tease your leaves into shape.

Melt the end of your candle allowing the wax to drip

into the base of the tin.

Position you candle in the melted wax before it sets.

Rest your wreath on the rim of the tin.

Option: for a secure placement you can glue your wreath

to the tin using a little hot glue.


(how easy was that?!)

Jul.Christmas.Noel -  (Mini) Candle Wreath