The year that was 2013



The year that was 2013

Every year I like to take stock of my (craft) progress.

Not because I am a masochist, but because

it helps me draw up a plan of action for the next 12 months.


Some years my project plan is fairly broad in nature

e.g. it might simply say – do more crochet.

Other years I fastidiously pop projects onto my Springpad boards,

and timeline them.

Every year I ignore my plan.


  The year that was 2013

Thanks to outside interference (non craft/blogland stuff)

2013 proved to be a very slack year.

Or so I thought.

Looking through my work

it appears I managed to post up 36 projects.

Yes, I am as astounded as you are.

More bewildering though is the fact that a third of them

are crochet & knitting projects.

Single Crochet Tangelo Mat

Some time in 2013 it seems,

I managed to knock out 9 crochet project.


I don’t even remember picking up my hook, let alone making a shrug,

blanket, mittens and a bunch of other stuff.


it appears I got comfy with knitting,

learned to basket weave, and how to smack about metal

(for the purpose of making jewellery).



Weird, but true.

  The year that was 2013

 So what for 2014?

1. Take memory boosting vitamins

2. Do whatever it was I did in 2013 and then some more

It sounds vague I know,

but I have a whole load of projects lined up from 2013

in Springpad, on Pinterest and somewhere deep in the mind grapes

that I can (hopefully) access at anytime.

All I really need to do now

is pick a theme or two for the year ahead;

or perhaps a colour scheme

or an era?


  2014 - Moving again


 Sidebar –  We might be moving again,

so it may be quiet for a little while here.

Not to worry though, if 2013 was anything to go by,

projects will be made & posted.


 If I haven’t said it already…

 Happy New Year!

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  1. You were busy! That is what I like about you, if you don’t know how to do something you teach yourself! Brilliant! Anyway have fun in 2014 and all the best.
    PS What is Springpad? 🙂

  2. Happy New year Alison!
    to quote Wikipedia
    “Springpad is a free online application and web service that allows its registered users to save, organize, and share collected ideas and information.”
    Like Pinterest you can create boards and pin recipes, patterns etc I scan in patterns from my Japanese books an organize them onto my boards so I don’t have to rummage through trying to find them later.
    You can choose to have all of your boards private.
    check out (it’s free)

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