#365CREATE on Instagram week1


I am back!

I still have a few things

to straighten out in my new office/workroom,

but essentially I am good to go.


To kickstart my 2014

I have embarked on a little side project



Using Noah Scalin’s book 

365: A Daily Creativity Journal,

I hope to make something small every day using his suggestions.

If you haven’t already seen his book, or visited his website


I recommend you do.


#365CREATE - Stencil it!


Apart from all of

the amazing work showcased,

it’s really interesting to see how people interpret

the same daily suggestions.


how some ‘seriously talented’ people

have benefited from using this journal.


Of course, we all know that

I have limited staying power for projects,

and that I get easily side tracked,

so I have set myself some guidelines to help miminise

these wayward traits of mine.


#365CREATE - Food Play


 My guidelines are

Think like a 5 year old (they never get fazed)

Only spend max. 2 hours incl. photo processing on each project

Only use my iPhone to capture & process my images

Behave like a 5 year old (they never critique their work)


Make a cup of tea

before I start my daily project.

As you can see from my photo, I have already done 7 days.

I will post my projects daily on my Instragram accounts. 

Maybe, occasionally on here.



let’s make stuff!


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